Professional Soccer Instructor Samuel Kwabena Acqauh was born in the capital of Accra, Ghana in a small town named Nima.  The  middle child of three boys and three girls, Samuel started playing soccer at the tender age of 7. 

Samuel was drawn to the game because as a young child, most everywhere he’d turn there with throngs of men playing the game, this stirred his passion.  He was totally intrigued by the player’s skill, agility, and athleticism.  By the age of 11 years old, his skills had developed far beyond his years and older players took notice.  He was invited and encouraged to play with and against grown men and virtually held his own.

Some of the older players really were amazed and took an interest in mentor-ing Samuel by sharing their  knowledge and techniques.  By the time he was 15 years old, he began traveling with various club teams and did very well.  By 17 scouts began to take serious notice of his game and would flock to see him play.  Soon this notoriety would open up a door to become a professional soccer player, it was a dream come true for Samuel.

Samuel went on to play for 10 years in places like Munich, Milan, Dortmund and France.  After this time, he moved to the United States with his family to pursue other endeavors.  His arrival signaled a new chapter in his life, finally he had the time to start giving back to the game he loved.  On Saturdays, he’d go to local parks and began talking, teaching and imparting his vast knowledge with kids.

His hunger to work with kids and make a difference in their lives led him to the Impact Youth Program.  Over the past few years, organizers had discussed expanding the program to be more diverse.  Last year cheerleading was added.  When the opportunity presented itself to add a former professional player, organizers jumped at the chance to do so. 

One of the first things on the agenda for Impact Organizers was to present a new idea for soccer to Samuel called Swift Soccer..  This idea was developed and born out of a combination of Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Hockey by Impact Organizers.  It certainly promised to add more scoring, speed, excitement, and end of game drama to the traditional game.

Samuel got very enthusiastic upon hearing the idea.  He thought that it certainly added a different dimension and excitement to the game.  He was delighted to head-up such a venture. There are a few things that makes this game quite different.  Firstly, each team consists only of eight players -  5 players are on the field at a time.  Secondly, each team is allowed four time outs for the game.  The start of the second quarter and end of the third quarter is the mandatory period for second string players to be on the field.  At the end of the game, both team enters a lightening round, where the trailing team is given an opportunity to tie the game.    

Without giving too much more away,  The Impact Swift Soccer program under the guidance of  former professional player Samuel Kwabena Acqauh and Impact Youth Soccer coordinator Mrs. Jazmyn Epperson promises to be quite a game changer for youths in the world of soccer.